Obama misses moment to unite.

I honest to God wanted it. Was is it so selfish of me to want something so little at such an important time?

Last night President Obama delivered an address to our nation after the tragedy in Arizona where several people were murdered, including a federal judge, and a Congressional Representative critically wounded.

I so wanted the moment to be an actual turning point in civil discourse. A moment I could point to and proclaim that Obama was indeed the President of the United States of America; not just a politician who is residing the White House. I wanted a moment where I could say “I am behind you 100 percent, Mr. President.” Seriously.

Too bad, I suppose, because what Americans received last night was a was a dose of old school Obama politics.

Instead of uniting all of  Americans and moving us forward, President Obama apparently decided to wrap policy positions and challenges into touching personal stories. Moments of courage and remembrance were glossed over in lieu of a discussion on political civility – even though it is apparent speech had nothing to do with the event –  while claiming the higher moral ground.

Then there was tax payer dollars being spent a logo and t-shirts for the event?

Seriously? At a memorial?

If those elements alone were not enough to make me squirm with discomfort, Governor Brewer being booed at the memorial made me outright sick.

If memory serves me correctly, a memorial service should be place where we all should be able to embrace and console. It should be a place to remember those who lost their lives to a cruel and despicable act. Not the time of calls for reform, getting a free t-shirt or booing your political opponent.

Words continue to fail to adequately describe the frustration and mental anguish I feel over the response.

If Obama and Democrats were honest to God serious about changing the tone, then they should start with themselves. They must stop referring to their political opponents as “hostage takers” or “enemies” and truly understanding the credibility of dissent and those who otherwise think differently.

Perhaps the lack of seriousness about the topic, other than seeking ways to legislation freedom of speech and to exercise our second amendment rights, is what troubles me the most about last night and the following up commentary this morning.

In the past when our President speaks it usually unites. It is a moment we can all truly hold hands and embrace each others as Americans. Period.

Unfortunately that did not happen last night.

I honest to God wanted that moment last night. Maybe I was expecting too much.