Words fail to describe media attempt to legitimize lie from hell.

The past twenty four hours both saddened and shocked me not just as a political observer, but as a citizen of this great nation.

Our country was attacked yesterday by a lunatic, killing several people including a nine year old. The attack also divided a great number of us instead of uniting us in prayer.

Words fail me to describe the continued efforts by members of the media to perpetuate a conceptual lie that the shooter in Arizona was some how linked to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck or any other conservative.

Everyone knows the guy was not mentally stable and records prove his background is of anything but a conservative. The notion that the tea party movement or conservative rhetoric prompted the shooting is a lie from satan and from the pit of hell its self. Period. No ifs ands or buts.

Whats worse is that this is not the first time. Over the past couple of years the first words out of some reporters link tragedies to “right wing extremism.” Whether it was the Ft. Hood massacre, the man who flew a plane into a federal building, the attempted bombing of Times Square or the Discovery Channel hostage taking incident; many on the left – including some elected officials – rush to pin tragedies on members of the opposition party in an attempt to silence or discredit them.

To that end it should be noted that in each act of terror, as with the Arizona shooting yesterday, was committed by either an Islamic extremist or Marxist sympathizer. None of those events occurred at the hands of people who follow the thoughts and ideas of the tea party movement; or anyone sane American for that matter.

Yet some how the media at large refuse to admit such common sense.

This refusal to shun efforts to silence political speech and allow manipulation of news stories against conservative or Republicans is not new, but is far more sickening given the consequences. This should all cause us to pause.

Thankfully, there are those do not support such calls for silence of political speech and seek to report the truth in these matters. I pray this continues and common sense returns.