Compromising with Dems on debt ceiling.

So Obama, Democrats and the media want Republicans to compromise and raise the ceiling on our national debt while screaming the newly minted Congress is no more fiscally conservative than the last session, eh?

I say give them what they want. Sorta.

In leu of any agreement to make outright budget cuts, a balanced budget amendment must be the center piece to any piece of legislation which increases the ceiling to our national debt.

Earlier I wrote that the budget is a core, if not the absolute issue which we should go to the matress on during this session of Congress. I meant it.

Some claim that not increasing the debt ceiling would cause us to default on our debt ala Greece, this is a real possibility and should be considered when debating such matters. However, to simply authorize an increase the ceiling on its own glosses over the core problem of rampant government over spending.

Attaching a balanced budget amendment to any such provision to increase the ceiling on our debt would tackle that issue head on and do something which most Americans demand. It would be a huge step in the right direction which our nation desperately needs.

To not do so would be aken to sitting on our hands while the financial fabric of our nation is torn to shred in a near perfect execution of the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Compromise isnt a bad thing if done right. If Congress is to increase how much this country can owe, then lets put that monster in chains so that it may never see light of day again.

Rush said a while ago that the pressure should be on Democrats to prove that the extra spending is needed, not on Republicans and conservatives to explain why they are cutting programs. I believe that with all my heart.