RE: TSA "love pats" We need our elected officials to do something NOW.

Take a good hard look, America. This is what unchecked government looks like.

A father, helpless to do anything, standing by and watching while his son recieves a strip search.

I dont know what is worse in the matter: the TSA agents willingly dispencing the policy, the fact that the father couldnt simply say “like the devil” and walk away, or our elected officials allowing this policy to continue.

To that end we must take what action we as citizens can and demand our elected officials take action to stop these types of searches. Now.

It is one thing when you are trying to stop terrorist and secure our lines of transportation. It is another matter entirely when we decide to grope Nuns and demand our children be stripped.

These procedures would be deemed illegal and sexual harassment (or assault) if it were looked at in any other light. So my next question would be why are our law makers looking at it in another light?

There is not one single element to these “enhanced screenings” which to my knowledge stopped a terrorist act. Quite the contrary, by their very nature the screenings accomplish what terrorist could not in the past decade.

Until our elected officials come to their senses and decide to limit government and bring some common sense to these events, I will no longer be flying. Especially with my children.

In fact, if I wouldnt know better, I would say the TSA is trying to crippled the airline industry so it could bail it out and nationalize it.