Scott Rasmussen gets it right: its the people's seat.

Early this year Republican Scott Brown shocked the nation with an epic win in the Massachusetts  U.S. Senate contest. At the heart of his campaign was a one liner used in a debate with his opponent – which to this day resounds: The U.S. Senate seat did not belong to Ted Kennedy. It belonged to the people of Massachusetts.

Scott Rasmussen points this out in an excellent piece penned in the Wall Street Journal today. Americans truly want government back in the hands of where it belongs, the people. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It is correct to say people are mad as the devil and are doing the best they can to reclaim their government from bottom up because they know that their elected representatives are not listening.

It is  incorrect to say people want to axe government completely – however tempting it may be.

As I read comments from pundits and friends across this great nation I get the feeling that we as conservatives may miss the train, just like Barack Obama and Democrats did, while searching for perfection.

This troubles me greatly. If we do not listen, it will be our turn to face the wrath of our fellow citizens. We  would undoubtedly be handing the keys back to those who would do this nation harm.

Need an example? Look no further than the West Virginia U.S. Senate race for evidence.

John Raese (R) was pulling ahead until a   comment was made  in which he “absolutely” wanted to abolish the minimum wage. From that point forward, Raese’s campaign plummeted.

There are other examples which prove that conservatives  can over play their hand too, with result in disastrous effects (ex: Christine O’Donnell (R) – DE).

However, there also is no doubt that tomorrow’s vote is a direct rebuke to the form of socialism President Obama is craming down our throats. People are screaming with a loud voice “no!”

It is that rebuke, and desire to recapture what our Founding Fathers envisioned – public servants kneeling to the desires of the American people’s will.