Steel yourselves, heroes.

This is our final stand. What happens here will echo through the ages. Regardless of outcome, they will know that we fought with honor. That we fought for the freedom and safety of our people.
Remember, heroes, fear is your greatest enemy… Steel your heart and your soul will shine brighter than a thousand suns. The enemy will falter at the sight of you. They will fall as the light of liberty* envelops them!

With one week to go with what could be our last opportunity to reject Marxism and preserve freedom and individual liberty many inspirational speeches and events come to mind. One such speech which is a bit obscure, but fun to over lap, is given by fictional character Tirion Fordring in the video game World of Warcraft.

While the source of the speech shows my innate level of geek, the context in which humanity is confronting its most ultimate evil applies all the same to our nation’s current struggle.

The speech is given as the player is entering one of the games most notorious villains’s fortress after “months” of trial and tribulation. It is a do or die moment essential to the freedom of the planet.

The same can be said about our current predicament. Either we succeed and hold the line on government interference in our lives as our forefathers envisioned or fail with severe consequences in which the back of our great nation will be broke in both terms of finances and freedoms.

That said, there is no comparison in modern day history with that of the grass roots activity we are seeing in response. Citizens understand the seriousness of the times we live in and are alert to the perils and snares which face this nation – and are energized.

So steel yourselves heroes. Our time is now.

(as I posted it above, with some modification to the end – i switched righteousness with liberty to make it more applicable)