Is publicizing McConnell NOW the best thing to do?

After listening to Rush and reading what Erick posted within the last 24 hours and looking at the tightening of the polls I must ask: was it wise to criticize McConnell this very instant?

I agree with the need to keep the GOP leadership in check and ensure that the Republican party pushes for repeal of Obamacare. To do so is an absolute must – and should be to the forefront of any agenda.

People are concerned with the economy and securing that freedom is at the top of the agenda. However, it is equally important to note that repealing Obamacare with reviving the economy because businesses will no longer fear new burdens imposed across the private sector.

I wonder aloud the damage created during the announcement and publicizing that GOP senate leadership might not be willing to move foward with repealing Obamacare.

How many people who were going to vote for a GOP candidate, especially in the senate, might figure it is simply business as usual and stay home?

How many people might figure after the report that “they are all the same” and vote on another issue which might favor the democrat?

We are too late in the game to be shooting our selves in the foot.

I have cautioned in the past about the need for humility and cautioned against embracing internal power struggles at this time.

I understand the why and agree with the reporting – but I pray some common sense is used about the WHEN and how. This is too critical of a time.

America needs a hand at the brake switch and the only way to do so is unite and vote for a check and balance in the Senate and House of Representatives. Once we get to that goal, then we hold those elected official’s feet to the fire.