Lessons learned from the Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate campaign.

As many of you know by now, the DSCC pulled its resources out of the Missouri Senate race for the next two weeks. This should be noted with no small indifference as it invested more than $1.8 Million into the race, not including additional buys by Vote Vets and other third party organizations.

For those who do not follow the race Roy Blunt is now holding a steady, significant lead over Robin Carnahan

This does not happen by accident, especially with the volume and intensity of attacks being lobbed at Roy every turn. There are lessons to be learned and noted – chief of them: listen to the people and work hard.

There is no magical formula or cheap tricks being used by the Blunt campaign, just hard work.

If one were to follow the Blunt campaign from day one you would see a candidate who not only talks about policy on the campaign trail, but gets into the thick of the crowd and meets with people. This means taking time to talking to people and listening to them. Even if the person disagrees with Roy, he treats those people with respect.

This should come to no surpise to Democrats as it is a time tested campaign element for what Roy does every year here in the 7th Congression district.

To that end, Roy is doing what most people in the state of Missouri, let alone nation, want from their leaders: their ear and respect. This is a lesson all our leaders should take note.