Totally and completely burned out. Toast.

I am amazed at how God blessed my participation in the blogosphere in the past, and politics in general. I feel like I made an honest to God difference – for the right reasons.

I also know that now is the time in which we should be engaging in public discourse as our freedoms and liberties are in peril – and I am loving the grass roots movement tearing through the national scene. God bless those who question with boldness and courage and passion.

Instead I couldn’t help but to do no one should ever do: look over the shoulder and reminisce without energy to push ahead.

Maybe it is just a natural cycle of things. Perhaps it is, as Peggy Noonan noted two years ago, simply a matter that my time is past.

My stomach does not yearn for the present fight within the Republican party, yet I believe in the underpinnings of what is necessary and good to set things right and pray we will not settle for mediocrity.

In either case I find my self Cheering for Rubio against the oompa loompa overlord – yet shaking my head in disbelief over the false dichotomy set in motion during Delaware Senate primary.

To that end I find my self bound to twitter and simply providing friends and collegues insight of roots and snares which engulf the process with little energy for much else.

I suppose am burned out. For that, I apologize.