Rand Paul hub-bub in a nutshell

Reading what ive seen posted over the last 24 hours in regards to Rand Paul and past civil rights legislation one must not over think what is going on. One need only to understand what is going on with reference to any other Obama administration activity when faced with any type of opposition: reach for Alinsky.

In this particular case they seen Rand Paul, just as they saw Sarah Palin, as a serious threat because he is the embodiment of the current conservative grass roots uprising happening across this great nation of ours. If his candidacy catches fire and people in other parts of the nation identify with his positions, they understand that their marixist agenda is done. Period.

As a result, they are picking a target and polarizing it in an effort to undermind and destroy his candidacy, and with any luck, the movement.

Only time will tell whether the efforts will work or not; I pray for our nations sake they do not.

So next time you hear the story of Paul Rand and what ever off the wall policy statements which he may or may not have said; remember that what you are watching is a coordinated assault not just on Rand Paul, but on those who dare to stand in the way of the Obama administration.