Warning signs for November 2010.

Ive had it folks. Ive had it up to here (hand gesture passed head).

We need to win this fall in the worst possible way. Not because of pure partisanship, but it is the only thing that will save this nation from falling into a dark state of socialism, if not out right communism.

On the surface it seems like things could be worse with a number of radical anti-freedom, anti-American bills queued up in Congress and the economy looking to be in recovery.

That belittles the significance of what is occurring in front of our eyes. The government is in full nationalization mode – taking over of several industries while quadrupling our debt striping the most basic of freedoms to determine our own fate via the passage of Obamacare.

With our nation shrouded in such darkness you would believe opposition would unite and people would focus on breaking the back of the policies creating the problem and destroying what made this nation great.

People get it, too. With every tweet I read and person on the street I discuss happenings in our nation with it is apparent people are mad as hell. We all know and agree that the government has gone too far. Way too far. The power needs to be returned to who it belongs to, us.

This is where our common ground ends, unfortunately.

In the search for political scalps or muscle flexing we seemingly end up in a tirade which produces scorched earth campaigns. This not only splits our efforts and undermines our goals, it serves the needs of those who seek to control us.

There is a reason why Reagan preached the 11th commandment.

Am I saying backing Rubio or Stutzman was wrong? No way. That is what primaries are for. He is the right man for the job. Crist’s changing of parties proves what Erick said before regarding the double standard conservatives are forced into during contentious elections. We must “playing nice.”

However, while we are striving to produce the best candidate who serves our nation, we should also not char participant’s policy positions beyond recognition. To do so is plain dumb and intellectually dishonest. Period.

It is for this reason I opposed “purity” tests and approach primary claims without policy backing with skepticism. We should have each others backs, without there being a knife involved in the process.

In my state, Sarah Steelman’s flirting with a U.S. Senate candidacy serves as a perfect example. Early on she attempted to smear Roy Blunt on earmarks (see my post on earmark demagoguery)  and smooze Erick Erickson while trying to figure whether she could win a GOP nomination for United States Senate. She never did follow through with her inquiry, but left plenty of ink for Democrats to use while the rest of Missouri was getting to know Roy. I should note Steelman joined the “Blunt Brigade” later.

We have one shot at returning the power base to the people and limiting our government.

We either lose the me first attitude and contempt for others within our movement or our nation loses what remaining freedoms we enjoy.

It is our choice.