On Sarah Palin

Like many people I am sure, I was struck side ways by Sarah Palin’s announcement that she would be resigning from the governor’s office effective July 26, 2009.

Going through the various posts, thoughts and speculations I would say Charles Krauthammer comes the closest to how I feel things panned out. There isn’t some lurking in the shadows scandal as Democrats and some Republicans want to believe.

The decision, I think, was a personal choice. How so? Simple, ask your self to name another politician who has been so savagely attacked for so long a period for so few reasons from both in and outside their party.

Now add the fact she is a mother with growing kids, one who isn’t quite yet a toddler.

I am not saying I agree with her reasons given, but I am going to guess that it was a personal decision. Like Karen Hughes who gave up the DC rat race and returned home to Texas, Palin could be hunkering down to be with family.

Of course the problem remains is this: The model gives political opponents of people like Palin a model to use and repeat on whom ever they wish to destroy next. Lets be clear, there will be a next time unless something changes.

Lastly, I wanted to note that Palin represents a large swath of our society which apparently does not warrant enough importantance to be heard from.

The swath I speak of are those of us who mostly reside in what those in DC call “fly over country.”

You know, the place where most Americans care about our neighbors with out the government peering over our shoulders and simply happy to be left alone. We work hard for what we own, that includes our kids, and fear God almighty.

To be blunt, we are very frustrated, and when told by talking heads and President Obama himself that our opinions do not matter it only makes matters worse. That includes many within the GOP who turn a deaf ear to us and our simple dreams of freedom and individual liberty because of political expediency and fad turned law of the month.

While not perfect, Palin connected to us because she is one of us. She knows what its like to raise kids and deal with every day life and work hard to get where she is. The values and faith she dares to express in any little way touches our hearts because we are there too.

I would not be intellectually honest if I failed to note Palin is not the person who resonates here. Mike Huckabee also fit the bill for many of these people early in the 2008 campaign.

Both were skewered and trashed. Both were discredited and joked about in upper political circles and lied about, even with the ranks of the GOP.

Guess what, we take notice. We ain’t as dumb as what you think.

Whether I agree with Palin and Huckabee’s politics is not the point. They inspire us and give us a voice which, to be frank, is being crowded out in all the day in and day out hype.

We saw what happened to Huckabee and now we see the same thing happening to Palin, except on a much grander scale.

While I may disagree with her resignation, I cannot disagree with the principle of her decision. We all have families which should come first. People here in fly over country know that. We will honor that, even if we had not planned on voting for her for president, given the opportunity.

However, Palin’s resignation removes a huge voice and point of inspiration of millions of voters who already feel rejected by a political process which currently repudiates them simply for simply living in a way our founding fathers envisioned.

I know this, I talk to these people every day. It is real.

Where we go from here, I am not sure.