Chad Livengood's piece on earmark definition a must read.

A few weeks ago I posted a piece regarding candidate demagoguery of the entire earmark issue. I predict the issue will be raised repeatedly in the Seventh Congressional District (Missouri) primary.

To that end, Chad Livengood’s piece today is a home run and must read.

Why? Because it provides at very least a glimpse into the soul of each of the perspective candidates (at least the announced ones) and how they not only view what the earmark is, but how they would approach the process if elected.

I will defer my personal feelings on earmarks for another time but leave everyone with this question: Congress abused what used to be a legitimate process and corrupted it. Does this mean the process should be reformed or completely abandoned?

Whats more, Democrats are spending in excess of four times what the GOP Congress proposed with thousands of more earmarks – yet they seem to be still riding high. Why does this issue not plague them?