Not Reported: Roy Blunt recieves award for conservatism from ACU.

In a press release yesterday Congressman Roy Blunt made note of an award given to him last wee by the ACU noting his commitment to grass root concerns. Only Representatives receiving an ACU rating of 80 or higher received the award.

Blunt’s record for the 2008 congress stood at 88. His life time rating in Congress stands at roughly 93.

This award, and the accompanying record, goes addresses the very heart of Steelman and other supporters who argue Congressman Blunt is not conservative enough.

With all the speculation and gossip being published regarding the entry of Sarah Steelman in to the race, one wonders why this story with actual substance was not noted.

The ACU is considered by most conservatives to be the gold standard for determining the commitment of an elected official to the cause of limited government and lower taxes.