Top Ten Reasons for avoiding President Obama's March 24 2009 Press Conference

10. Timing of the news conference conflicts with family DVD night.

9. Watching paint dry is more interesting. For those who want to be more “environmentally friendly” grass growing is an EPA acceptable alternative (to this point).

8. WWE offers better acting. The entire event including questions and answers are scripted out and posted on JournaLIST. Similar to WWE, the audience gets the finished product of hours of rehearsal. At least there is add libbing with WWE. Right?

7. We already heard from President Obama about his NCAA picks and bowling skills this past week. What else is there to know?

6. Isnt my dentist appointment tonight?

5. Im not in to teaching my kids how to lie and stretch the truth for personal gain of power at the expense of other’s freedoms. Although the press conference could offer a valuable less on learning how to play pretend.

4. I get more truthful information and harder hitting questions from the forth coming Saturday Night Light skit. Count me in for that.

3. Because farming entry level Naxxramas for the 20th time is far more entertaining, especially if you run in and aggro the boss while yelling.. well, you know…

2. My grass needs mowed.

1. Our dear leader, Obama, knows better any ways. Best I leave the tough decisions to government and those in Congress who know better. I know the Constitution doesn’t give them the authority, but how dare such small details get in the way of progressive ideas!