Bipartisanship? Responsibility? LOL WUT!

If reports from the Wall Street Journal and the Hill are correct, then the Obama administration will be making unprecedented grabs of power in depth, breadth and perhaps most concerning the speed at which the expansion of government control will increase.

To start off, Obama is promising unions that the Orwellian named Employee Free Choice Act will pass. The legislation allows unions to bypass a federal requirement that organizations take a secret ballot vote on whether or not to form a union. Instead, union organizers simply could pressure a simple majority into signing a document which would the government would immediately recognize as a union.

The financial impact on businesses nation wide would leave a wake of unprecedented devastation while businesses would be shackled with new government imposed requirements and union contracts.

Of course this wouldnt matter to President Obama or the Democrat party who apparently believe financial institutions like the stock market do not measure the American economy. The highly partisan act would increase union membership in intern funnel millions of dollars into Democrat campaign funds.

To that end, the mission would be accomplished.

If that piece of legislation wasn’t enough to pause for concern, then a not so little matter reported by the Hill today should. Apparently the Obama administration is contemplating pushing government controlled health care and a cap and trade tax system through Congress in a manner which would mean little to no debate and guarantee its passage.

Instead of debating government controlled health care as a separate matter, the legislation may be slipped into a budget bill which only requires fifty votes.

Does anyone else find it a little disturbing that legislation which would take over large sections of our economy would require not even a simple majority with little or no debate? Whats worse, perhaps, is the far reaching implications of such legislation.

With government controlled health care we as individuals will lose a quality health care system as choices are removed from doctors and services are rationed.

Not to be outdone would be a 100% cap and trade system which the Obama administration champions that would tax many farms and businesses out of existence because of their “carbon foot print.”

Each of these proposals removes freedom and liberty from our nation and are proven losers when implemented abroad. Yet there is still no objective analysis in the media few willing to stand in the gap and act as any source of reason or impediment.

I am guessing that as long as Americans give Democrats a pass and ignore what is going on in Congress and what is actually hurting the economy, this will be the case. By then I can only wonder what will be left of our nation.

In the mean time I will offer a glimmer of hope based on a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll which surveyed more Democrats than Republicans by a thirteen percentage point margin.

While self described “moderates” dominated the poll at 38 percent, 34 percent called themselves conservative compared to 23 self identified liberals.

More to the point, on health care, nearly seventy percent of people believe someone else besides the government should be responsible for taking care of health care needs. (question 32d)