ABC News: Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Remember during the campaign when Senator Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama visited Springfield, Missouri and announced that he wasn’t a gun grabber?

Similarly, anyone remember when people such as my self warned other wise pointing to Obama’s record when he voted on matters in the Illinois state legislature which proved other wise?

Yesterday guess who proved to be correct? ABC News published a story yesterday which notes that the Obama administration is seeking a new Assault weapons ban.

There were not many details announced by Attorney General Eric Holder other than trying to use a foreign policy problem as means to justify the violation of our second amendment rights.

Perhaps whats worse is the potential models being floated for such a ban would be extensive and essentially make it impossible for the average person to own or posses a fire arm.

How will this play out? When will it happen? I dont know.

What I do know is the media is complicit in refusing to ask this question during the 2008 campaign and continuing to be silent in asking for specifics.

The bigger question at large is how bad will this impact Congressional Democrats in 2010 elections and how power hungry the Obama administration truly is.