What to fear from bank nationalization.

There is a reason why bank nationalization was a core tenet of Marxism and the old Soviet model of government. Those who control the central flow of money also control a large tool which will either empower or enslave the population.

What do I mean by this?

Lets look at the recently passed “stimulus” package dubbed “porkulus” by many of us in the grass roots. While we aren’t quite sure what is in the bill at this point (even though it is now signed and into law), we do know at one point there were provisions which the government sought to control social parts of our lives which would be unthinkable in our past.

Whether we are discussing the provision to limit CEO salaries (even amongst companies who do not take TARP monies), disallow prayer groups in dorm buildings of universities and colleges which take the money or regulate speech on the internet.

The same would could apply to those seeking loans from banks who are nationalized.

If your a church and want to build? Hope you embrace “tolerance” as defined by what ever political administration is in office or controlling Congress.

Local gun shop looking to expand? Hope you support the latest anti-gun regulations.

How about opening up a restaurant? Double check mom’s recipes to ensure the level of transfat meets the government’s standards.

Wanting to run for office as an opposition candidate? Too bad.

Obviously while some of these are slight exaggerations, I would hope that one would get the idea. If the government gains control of the country’s purse via nationalization of banks, then it may also determine who can and cannot get loans solely based upon a political whim, however wrong it might be.

This is one of the reasons why when the Soviet Union was initially formed the banks were taken over by the government in addition to declarations of universal health care and housing being a “right.” (sound familiar?)

Of course the system collapsed shortly thereafter which resulted in a complete communist dictatorship.

To be clear, I am not saying the end result will happen if the Obama administration takes these sames steps. However, history proves that when a government takes the steps we are seeing now, bad things happen – not good.

We should be very skeptical of what we are being presented with and question the government every step of the way to ensure that our freedoms and liberties are preserved with every law that is passed.

If we are not, then we sell our futures for a price much lower than anyone can imagine.

What ever happened to the vision of our founding fathers which propelled this country to greatness over the past two plus centuries? I guess just too out of date.