Bond, Rodriguez should recieve asterisk in Hall.

Readers of this blog know how much I loathe Barry Bonds because of his use of steroids. Similarly, I offer no such reprieve for A-Rod after the recent revelation of his taking PEDs.

Do I give him props for being a man and owning the problem? Yes.

However both Rodriguez and Bond should never, ever be portrayed in the same light as Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and Roger Maris.

In fact I would take things a step further and restore the Maris record as the only legitimate one Year home run title. The same would apply for Hank Aaron’s career record.

Can we strike A-Rod, Bonds, McGwire or Sosa’s deeds? No. What is done is done.

However, we can restore the integrity of baseball by denying those years as legitimate records and stamping the all mighty asterisk for all to see.

Similarly, baseball should address the steroids era openly and use the opportunity to educate kids about how destructive they are.

If the records are allowed the stand untainted and offered as legitimate play then it will tell our kids and those in society that cheating is okay; when it in truth it aint.