Will Sarah Steelman really run? (updated)

While most people in Missouri aren’t even thinking about the U.S. Senate race for Missouri in 2010, those in political operation and media are certainly chomping at the bit for any piece of news. Most are simply reporting news and by passing up on gossip opportunities.

This certainly is not the case with KY3 “political reporter” David Catanese.

Over the past few weeks Catanese posted a series stories in support of Sarah Steelman with mysterious sources and little else than what message she might be brandishing during a campaign, including a couple digs and Congressman Roy Blunt who figures to be the lead Republican candidate.

To be sure, Steelman is doing nothing to discourage the reporting. In fact, she could very well be inciting the stories in an effort to keep her name in the news cycle during an off year.

The bigger question, though, is the lack of analysis by Catanese of the noncommitment by Steelman.

A “GOPer who favors Blunt” offered the following insight into the situation to make the point that any sort of announcement issued late yesterday might be solely for name recognition.

*If Steelman was going to commit, why the delay? Apparently she pulled this during past Lincoln Day events and used planted information as a way to general quick attention which otherwise would be elsewhere.

*All those meetings in Washington, D.C. – outside of the RNC meeting who is she really talking to? For someone who supposedly has an astounding grass roots organization why might she be headed to Washington for?

*Steelman lost by almost 20,000 votes in a primary which she won big in Southwest Missouri. If Roy Blunt runs, how can steelman over come such a deficit and lose her strongest part of of Missouri? In Southwest Missouri – Steelman beat Hulshoff by 11% in districts with Roy Blunt grass roots organizations%, outside she won by 26%.

*Finally, my source believes Steelman will not run. To do so would be “self-destructive.”

I would tend to agree with most of the comments made by my political source. I would add that I believe Steelman is getting played by Catanese and maybe even local talk show host Vincent David Jericho.

While both want separate things (Catanese wants Carnahan elected and Roy Blunt gone), Jericho dislikes Roy Blunt in a very unhealthy way – both are trying to shape the battlefield for their own purposes.

I would argue that in both cases, but especially Catanese, little is discussed in the way of policy; its all hype. One doesnt run a state wide race for the United States Senate via Face Book as he would want you to believe.

*updated to reflect accurate GOP primary numbers.