Anyone else have a problem with these two news items?

I dont mind telling you guys out there, some of this is down right out bone chilling.

First there is a story burried in a story regarding Charlie Rangel’s proposal to bring back the draft. You heard me right, Charlie Rangel is trying to push a bill to bring back the military draft.

I am guessing that it will die on the floor or might not even make it passed committee level, but thats the besides the point.

In an article posted by “The Hill” Charlie Rangel mentions some sort of legislation which requires mandatory service with two years of college free. Let me repeat that. Charlie Rangel mentioned that there may be legislation which requires our kids to do national service.

But Rangel told The Hill that he recently heard talk about rewarding mandatory service with two years of college credit.

“That doesn’t make sense,” he said. “People shouldn’t have to join the military to get an education.”

This first surfaced shortly after Barack Obama’s election and then was scrubbed from his website. Now Charlie Rangel is mentioning it again. I am going to be blunt. This scares the hell out of me (pardon the language).

I thought the only place which required youth service was places like Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union. You could argue Isreal too, but the situation is completely different in that it fights for its life on a daily basis.

Just when I thought reports like this and this were crazy, Charlie Rangel seems to add some credibility.

Just when you think things couldnt be any crazier, new Governor of Missouri Jay Nixon decides to confiscate cell phones from elected officials meeting with him. Did I mention that Nixon installed cameras in the office?

Thats right Jay Nixon not only is confiscating cellular phones of elected officials seeking to meet him but; but also installed a camera inside the governor’s office.

Is it just me or are these acts of those who simply cannot gain enough control over their lives and need to manipulate yours as well. Wow.