Happy New Year.

Yes, I am still here and kicking. I am simply needed to take a much needed break.

There are many things which are on my mind in the forthcoming 2009 year including who Americans will turn to in their time of need: Government, or God.

This may sound like a silly question, but in times past it always seems that the American public at large turned to their faith and pulled together. I am not so sure this is true, or that our churches prepared our society at large for that type of mentallity.

Many places of worship now focus on the individual doing what ever to achieve success (e.g. works) instead of relying on God to provide.

Dont misinterpret me on this. People need to do their best and what not, but I believe that we as a society are now so focused on our own results and personal return on investments that we leave no room for God’s plan – or what actual scripture says.

I very well may be wrong. I hope I am wrong.