I want to start off this morning by acknowledging Barack Obama’s moment in history. His victory is not to be demeaned or degraded. America spoke clearly and it said it wanted change and was not happy with its current economic situation.

It is okay to be discouraged, frustrated and even scared a little given President Elect Obama’s past legislative history and Constitutional beliefs.

The election was closer than believed and there is no mandate for a radical shift to the left. Voters agreed with McCain on every issue except for the economy and were burned out on President Bush.

Obama’s people know this and if they care and want to stay in power for any length of time will be forced to legislate more toward the middle than what members of his base want to believe.

Similarly, I refuse to follow the Democrat model of defeat. I refuse to wish America ill and pray for bad economy and hope for mounting casualties in our confrontations abroad. To do so, from my perspective, would be twisted. I love America and want to see her succeed.

We need to honor the position which Obama is elected to. For those of us who are Christians, we must follow God’s word and subject our selves to lawfully unto the government. God expects us to obey the law and pay taxes, regardless of their nature or fairness.

God does not mean for us to necessarily be silent, though. As Noel Smith spoke in 1966 (I would ask people to reread the sermon)- we should vote, talk and write. We must not roll over and play dead and stamp legislation which embodies evil.

Today, Like Erick Erickson posted today at Redstate.com, time is now that we should rest and try to regroup.