Our own Omega Glory

This year’s election reminds me a lot of the Star Trek episode The Omega Glory in which Captain Kirk and his party who are stranded on a planet are offered to live in peace and protection of the government (with limited freedoms) of the Kohms – provided he provide phasers to fight off the barbaric Yangs.

In the end it is discovered that the Kohms are actually communist descendants and the Yangs is actually short for “yankee” and Captain Kirk explains the “holy scripture” (the U.S. Constitution) is for everyone, not just the Yangs.We face a similar decision this year – there is a clear choice in political idealism. One that believes of “safety” and “unity” as provided by the government. The other which at very least remains relative and near to what our founding forefathers sought – a healthy skepticism of government coupled with empowered individuals driven by freedom and liberty.

At this troubled moment in history, it looks as if people are forgetting the foundation of our country and fleeing toward what they believe is safe in leu of waving some of our most basic fundamental foundations. Then again, perhaps most people have forgotten and someone should read the preamble of the Constitution and Bill of Rights again.

Ronald Reagan once said that Freedom was always one generation away from extinction. Maybe we are staring into that abyss now.

Being a barbaric Yang served this nation well for over two hundred years. I pray we continue to keep those beliefs as a nation and some how, some way stay true to what made the nation great and continues to drive it forward.