Obama's "health care is a right" and "regulation of banks" remarks note marxist foundation.

For anyone who didnt catch the debate last night, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain were asked whether they believed health care was a right or a responsibility. Barack Obama responded that it (health care) was a right.

I am not sure why this statement did not set off any alarms among the various talking heads off last night. To be sure, it is a startling admission of Obama’s radical marxist foundations.

To be sure, current day socialist and communist are unappologetic in their demand for government sponsorted health care on all fronts as it represents not just wealth redistribution – but control of the individual life style through regulation of what is and isnt covered.

Similarly, the nationalization of banks by Democracies should raise an alarm. Why? Because government control over entrepreneurial risk equates to control in free enterprise and individual rights. This should not be confused with purchasing bad debt by the government as done in the past during the S and L crisis of the late eighties.

To be sure, though, one only need to look back to the 1917 revolution in Russia to understand that the belief that health care as a right and control of banks are central tennents of the communist revolution. In fact many of the Obama talking points this year could be lifted from the rallying cry of that event.

That is why it is important to know and understand what is being proposed by both candidates and to an extent, why the Bill Ayers association is so important.