Goldberg pwns Washington Post in 30 seconds.

I am sure some media talking heads today want to discuss the Washington Post story which implies wrong doing on the part of Sarah Palin alledgedly charging the state of Alaska with per diem charges for staying at home. After 30 seconds of google searching, Goldberg found the Alaska Administrative Manual.

Big deal, right? In reality it is.

The document gives the guidelines for which state employees are to work from. In this particular case it lays out what can be expensed.

After reading the guidelines and regulations it is clear that Palin did nothing improper or illegal. In fact her expenses were 80% lower than her predecessor.

It should be noted that the Goldberg links to a Washington Post document which clearly shows that Palin did NOT charge the state for staying at home. Instead, the document explicitly shows meal expenditures.

As Goldberg notes, nice to see the media pushing the Olbermann talking points. Expect more if McCain and Palin continue to do well.