Larry Kudlow: There’s Something Missing in St. Paul

Larry Kudlow nails it, again.

As much as I love Palin’s speech Kudlow correctly points out that it failed to connect our current economic slump to rising energy costs which are as a direct result of failed Democrat policy. In fact, Democrats want higher energy prices and seek to tax our companies through cap and trade which would crush our economy.

Whether its a gallon of milk or gallon of gas, inflation of prices are directly traced back to sky rocketing commodities which are as a result of a failure to prove to the market there are adequate supplies.

Democrats are doing nothing about this while Republicans are taking action under McCain’s “Lexington” project (other wise known as the “all the above” choice).

Yet nothing is being said about this during the convention – at least to this point.

These are all points that Palin and Republicans are missing in their convention and are vital to reaching out to many who are voting on what is called the “gallon” issues.

Not to fear, though. The ground work is laid with the drill, baby, drill stance as laid out by Palin and Steele last night. However to be successful Republicans must hammer the impact of what drilling does – and what not drilling and implimenting cap and trade will do.

This is a must read article, especially for us policy wonks.