So what about Bristol Palin?

A number of people emailed and call me about Bristol Palin today wanting to know my view about how the matter, so here it is:

I would start by noting that the media at large decided to pick up the story based upon lies started from a democrat website. The implication was that the Trig, Palin’s, youngest child was in all actuality Bristol’s. Of course this wasnt true, but the discussion ultimately led to the national revelation that Bristol is five months along. Take note none of this deals with Sarah Palin’s ability to govern or make the proper judgement to stay clean from corruption while in office.

In contrast, however, we never hear news pieces which discusses Senator Obama’s direct ties to convicted felon Tony Rezko. Nor do we hear about the interaction between the junior senator and domestic terrorist Bill Ayres. Both which do involve personal judgment and corruption and the very least shows bad judgement when Obama welded influence and power.

Coincidence? Of course not. The show must go on! The media must maintain their narrative for this year’s election and ensure that Democrats roll into the White House.

Let me be blunt for a moment.

The whole dust up which the media is trying to self generate here is an attack on small town America, traditional values and Christian conservative voters.

The whole reason why the lies trying to be pushed about Sarah Palin faking a pregnancy or Bristol is focused on trying to destroy the energy and support from the base. Democrats and the media absolutely hate the surge of enthusiam brought on by the selection of Palin.

They hate to see what Palin brings to the table and what it will do for not just this election cycle, but the next and maybe a few more years down the road beyond that.

Of course the catch is that most of us who are Christians completely understand the matter and dont even give it a second thought. In fact most Americans can identify with the Palins because we go through it every day.

In fact those are the very reasons why we love Sarah Palin so much. She represents small town America. She is one of us – unlike Obama, Biden or even Senator John McCain.

Perhaps Charles Mahtesian says it best.

With a pregnant teenage daughter and an infant with Down syndrome, the Palins, it seems, have been caught up in the same struggles of everyday life that confront many American families.

And he would be right.

Palin is someone who understands and lives the way we live and acts on those principles. She walks the talk and gets what “limited government” means.

That is why opponents believe Palin must be destroyed politically at all cost. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds, even if it includes zeroing in on her children.