Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin on energy policy.

If anyone was paying attention to Senator Obama’s speech the other night (or interview here in Southwest Missouri) where he said they were going to spend $150 billion on “green technology” in addition to a host of other environmental programs which are to “help America break from foreign dependency.” But how?

Obama admits time and time again that most of what will drive this a policy called cap and trade (at 2:02 mark). It is a policy that is far worse than what was proposed in Kyoto and would cripple our economy. It would cost us trillions of dollars in lost GDP and and tens of thousands of American jobs.

Glenn Beck does an excellent overview of this, then turns to discuss Sarah Palin about possible domestic solutions and what Alaska has to offer in ways to help our nation secure its energy needs.

This is another must watch video when researching Sarah Palin and of course, energy solutions.

To view the McCain/Palin “all the above” energy solution – otherwise known as the Lexington project, visit the McCain website.