Pelosi to protestors: “Can we drill your brains?”

Remember back in 2006 when Democrats promised bipartisanship and a “return” to an ethical Congress. You know, the same promise in which she promised dissent and openness in Washington. Exactly. Didnt happen did it?

In fact under Pelosi’s watch Republicans are extremely limited in what they can do, or even say. One need to only look as far as a recent revolt in the House in which Nancy Pelosi ordered the lights, audio and cameras shut down in an effort to silence dissent.

Not to be outdone, the Speaker of the House elected to continue that same sense of bipartisanship by insulting protesters demanding to open domestic drilling. Her comment as reported in the Politico was to ask “Can we drill your brains?”

I would like to ask everyone a quick question which is highly relevent this week in light of this attitude toward those who do not agree with the Speaker’s assesment of domestic drilling. Whom else is repeating a mantra of “bipartisanship” with a record in Congress of the exact opposite.

If you guessed Barack Obama, you are correct.

Voters should be aware to avoid the narrative being spun by the media at large and look at what is being done in Congress and by whom. If they do, they will find a slightly different story which doesnt match their “American Prayer.”