Blog may confirm political trap at Saddleback this weekend.

Since seeing the commercials on Fox News announcing a political forum at Saddleback church this Saturday, I always suspected some thing was up. Then I ran across this blog which digs a little deeper and discusses who will be “helping” Rick Warren with questions to Obama and McCain.

Those “helpers” who are co-sponsoring the event happen to be people who lean not just a little left, but radically left. In fact one of them seems to be an Obama campaign adviser to Catholics.

Let this be a warning to all Christians in advance that the forum will more than likely be rigged to address questions which focus on – and this is my guess – an extremely marxist discussion revolving around what the government can do to solve the plight of the poor and needy (which just happens to be what Obama is selling) and not around traditional Christian issues.

So do not be expecting Senator Obama to explain why he is for infanticide, or be pressured to ensure religious freedom within the church.

In the words of the great Admiral Akbar – Its a trap!