Time's Amy Sullivan proves that you still cant laugh at Obama.

By now I am sure most of us who read the news and pay attention to the election note that there is no tolerance for making light hearted jokes or jabs at Senator Barack Obama.

Time’s Amy Sulivan proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt by claiming McCain’s “the one” advertisement was really meant to portray the Junior Senator from Illinois as the antichrist. Yeah, you heard me correctly. She made the charge in a very poorly written article posted on Time.com’s blog.

Of course remember this is Time we are talking about.

What I find amazing is that in her analysis she fails to report that the advertisement was not based upon the Bible or what ever imagery she tries to super-impose. It is based upon what Barack Obama and his campaign has said about him self. It is a mear reflection of how the campaign is presenting its self on the national and local stage.

Still, there can be no fun made at the expense of the Obama campaign. It seems that a honest, and particularly funny and truth telling advertisement cannot go untouched by the media or the Obama campaign.

So what is their reaction? Laugh and maybe take a more humble approach? Nope. Apparently the plan is to go on the attack and try to make people believe that what they are seeing is evil and slanderous – the equivilant to the infamous Willie Horton advertisement of the 1988 campaign.

My response would be this: You missed the point completely. Get a life.