Kudlow interview makes convincing case for Sarah Palin as Vice Presidential candidate.

I must admit that my head is in a tail spin regarding who McCain should select as vice presidential candidate. Really.

I think Romney would be an inherently bad choice given what both what he said about Mike Huckabee during the campaign (and that counts here in fly over country) and McCain. In fact I am fairly confident that most people I talk to in this part of the country dont trust Romney as someone who can represent their best interests.

Still, I dont buy into the Lieberman hype or any of the other off the wall people mentioned as possible candidates – including my own dream of Fred Thompson.

No. What is needed will be someone who can appeal to not just the conservative base on the coasts, but someone who can identify and build on what most people face day to day and be able to communicate those desires and supplement John McCain.

Up to this point I was starting to lean toward Pawlenty of Minnesota, but then I ran across this interview of Sarah Palin with Larry Kudlow. Wow.

Who is she? The governor of Alaska, and a darned good one at that.

More importantly, though, were the answers she gave to Larry Kudlow on drilling, wasteful spending and bringing back the GOP to its core values – and the manner in which she delivered them. The interview is a must read to gain insight into who this women is and how she can help serve the country at large.

She might not have kissed all the right rings as some might, but she is extremely solid on substance and can light a fire underneath voters like none of the other vice presidential candidats mentioned.

At this point, she is my pick for VP.