Nepotism -- It's All About The Benjamins

Follow the money.

Michael Carbone

When my friend, fellow parishioner and fellow Knight of Columbus Michael Carbone, a member of the Grayslake School District #46 School Board was censured by the unanimous vote of his fellow board members this past Wednesday, what was the real reason?

Follow the money.

D46 board president, Mary Garcia, who is also the president of the local teachers’ union in another district, together with her cronies on the board, doesn’t like it when Michael Carbone, who has made it his practice over the past two years to uncover poor spending practices, and worked to bring accountability and transparency to board operations, sheds light on her shenanigans.

Follow the money.

When Michael Linder resigned from his unpaid position as a board member to take a job as a part-time consultant at $75,000 per year, Michael Carbone led the objections.

Follow the money.

When the board spent thousands to send staffers to Disney World for a conference, Michael Carbone was asking why.

Follow the money.

And when Mary Garcia hired her husband to work for the district as a janitor on the public payroll, Carbone was the first to question the process.

After all, with the economy as it is, with over 10% unemployment in Lake County and fifty applicants for every advertised job, just what was it, other than his relationship to the school board president, that made Robert Garcia stand out? Was he so highly recommended by his previous employers? In fact, if he was such a very good employee in his prior jobs, just why was it he was unemployed? Don’t get me wrong, many good people are un- or under-employed these days, for completely honest reasons. I’d just like to know how we came to the coincidence that Mary Garcia’s husband just happened to be the very best candidate for the job with the organization of which his wife is the head, but not for any of the other jobs he’d doubtless applied for.

There’s a word for this.

The word is nepotism. And in this instance, it means using taxpayer money to do favors for your friends and family. Or yourself.

Mary Garcia and her union cronies don’t understand that taxpayer money isn’t theirs to dole out as largesse to their favored recipients.

Michael Carbone does understand this, and that’s why they made up a series of lies about him, and publicly defamed him with a censure resolution that’s made national news.

Mary Garcia and one of her cronies are up for re-election in less than three weeks. Linder’s appointed replacement will likewise be leaving the board. I have to second the endorsement of the local paper for all three challengers to these seats to be elected, and I hope that with Michael Carbone, they will form a new majority who will bring some fiscal accountability to this school board.

So, as I told the board on Wednesday, I’m glad they chose this week to make such a statement of contempt for the taxpayers, and the one man on that board who represents our interests.

I was at that meeting, and was first in the public comments:

Some of those comments were attributed to me in this report as well.