Women of 99% Robocalls Target Rush

I thought when March 6th passed we would be done with the relentless robocalls. Romney has become Public Enemy Number One around here for disrupting breakfast, lunch, dinner, and American Idol with his nasty calls. Unfortunately, someone else has picked up where his attacks left off – The Women of the 99%. Of course, we all know 99% is code for “liberals who want stuff for free” and these women are backing Sandra Fluke, who went to Congress to beg for free birth control for her 1%’er friends at Columbia Law School.


“Hello, this is a message from Women of the 99%. Congressman Jim Renacci is condoning the war on women led by Rush Limbaugh, who has become the de facto leader of the Republican party. Call Congressman Renacci at 330-xxx-xxxx and ask him why he remains silent while Republican spokesman Rush Limbaugh insults, degrades, and verbally abuses women. Tell Congressman Renacci that it’s just plain shameful that he that he allows Rush Limbaugh’s behavior to continue. We are the Women of the 99% and we won’t be silent anymore. “

Apparently, unless you are throwing a public temper tantrum about Rush’s inappropriate and malicious comments, you are “condoning” them. By this standard, 99% of the country is guilty.

Renacci wasn’t the only member of Congress who was targeted with these calls. Michigan Congressman Dan Benishek was also targeted and I suspect others were as well.  We should all feel great compassion for the poor souls who had to answer the phones and listen to the angry rants that resulted from these robocalls.

The angry woman on my answering machine said it is “shameful that Congressman Renacci “allows Rush Limbaugh’s behavior to continue.” Exactly what is she implying here? That she wants some sort of Congressional action to remove Rush from the airwaves? Of course, if you’re playing Alinsky Ball, that’s considered a fair hit from the team with the blue shirts.

Don’t be surprised to see some new version of the Fairness Doctrine rear its ugly head in coming days. Remember, for committed Leftists, abortion and birth control are religious sacraments, as important to them as religious liberty is to our side. They think they have the ball on the goal line and they’re going to throw all they’ve got into winning this game.