Whites for Obama

Abandoning any remaining illusions of being a transformational president who unifies the country under the rainbow Kumbaya flag, President Obama has decided instead to double down on divisiveness. Indeed, he has set a course to become the most race and class obsessed president since Woodrow Wilson showed Birth of a Nation in the White House. This month Obama launched African Americans for Obama,  along with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Jewish Americans, and Latinos.

In the video announcement (just in time for Black History Month, of course), Obama told African Americans that the upcoming election might be more important than the last. He wants to train community organizers to recruit church members and barber shop patrons.

Can we imagine for just a moment what would happen if Ron Paul launched a “Whites for Ron Paul” movement? Or even if he tried to get away with “African Americans for Ron Paul” and tucked the barber shop stereotype into the plan? I’d pity those who had to clean up the carnage left behind from the exploding heads on the left.

As long as those in the Democratic party continue to make race an issue in campaigns, we will never have that color blind society that Dr. King dreamed of where people are judged by the “content of their character.” As long as this president continues to highlight skin color for political gain, he will make the divisions in this country worse. The truth is, our physical differences are minimal – a bit of skin pigment – and the Bible teaches us that God has “made of one blood all nations of men” (Acts 17:26). The race-obsessed crowd would do well to invest some gray matter pondering that.

For some odd reason, Team Obama left (at least) one group off of its list of favored races. I know they must be busy with all the pricey fundraisers, so I decided to help them out with a new blog –  Whites for Obama: