Komen Flap Not About the Loss of Four Kills Per Day In Funding

Last week in Komen vs. Planned Parenthood, we saw a new episode on the ongoing turf war between two teams that are competing for different turf.  One team, the pro-life side, is fighting for the lives of unborn children, whose inward parts are being knit together in their mothers’ wombs (Psalm 139:13).  The other team claims they are fighting for money. But it’s much deeper than that. Let’s look at the numbers for a moment.

Planned Parenthood stood to lose around $680,000 in grants from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. In 2010, Planned Parenthood killed 329,445 babies through legal, surgical abortion. At an average cost of $451 per abortion, the organization raked in a stunning $148,579,694 just from abortions.  So to make up the loss of that $680,000, Planned Parenthood would only need to increase its “kills” by around 4 per day or 28 per week. How hard could it be to convince 4 more young, vulnerable, poor women per day that the blobs of tissue leeching nutrients from their bodies are going to ruin their lives?  The grant from Komen is just a drop in the bucket of Planned Parenthood’s $1.04 billion dollar budget. It’s not about the money.

It turns out, it’s also not about breast exams. In a conference call with the media after the original decision to defund 19 Planned Parenthood affiliates was announced, Komen Chief Executive Nancy Brinker revealed that three would continue to receive funding. The L.A. Times reported that:

“[T]hree Planned Parenthood affiliates, including the one representing Orange and San Bernardino counties, will continue to receive Komen money because they provide services that cannot be replaced through grants to another organization in their area.”

In other words, Komen had found other area service providers that could provide the breast exams, so Planned Parenthood’s claims that women were going to go without needed exams were bogus.

What this is really about is forced conformity with the choice bullies.  They don’t just want our money, they want our acceptance. They want every American to affirm that they’re right and good and virtuous. They see their mission of loading up children with contraceptives (and disposing of the contents of their wombs when the contraceptives fail) as the highest form of humanitarianism. If you dare to disagree…well…as liberals often do, they redefine the terms. “Choice” means that you choose to agree with them. See how easy this is?

Anu Kumar at the Huffington Post whined that the negative stigma of abortion forced Komen’s hand:

” Was it about fundraising? Women’s health? Politics? I suggest it is about stigma, specifically abortion stigma that has been deliberately attached to a beloved national institution and household name, Planned Parenthood.”

Moreover, they’re terrified that the Supreme Court will strike down Obamacare and it’s associated abortion and birth control mandates. Dr. Peggy Drexler in the Huffington Post admits that Komen is “Small Potatoes”:

“When the Supreme Court hears the constitutional challenge to the ACA, these important protections and advances for women will be a passenger in the considerations. There has been considerable conjecture about the outcomes. Judging by the areas the Justices agreed to hear, they could uphold the law, strike down just the controversial coverage mandates, or go beyond that and rule on other parts of the Act, such as denial due to preexisting conditions. Women are at risk in every possibility. With Komen, klieg lights shone on an attempt to subvert an organization that has long borne the mark of the beast for the religious right. With the Supreme Court, there will be no such illumination — just lofty discussions of constitutionality. Depending on the results of those discussions, women will win big or suffer badly. Like Komen, the debate will have little do with their needs, or the quality of their care. Unlike Komen, the stakes are universal. The Planned Parenthood flap will come and go in a couple of news cycles, instructive, but ultimately harmless. If the gains for women in the ACA go down with the ship, it may take decades to get them back, if we can get them back at all.”

It all needs to go down. The ship, the potatoes, the mandates and the forced contraceptives for Catholics. Let’s hope the Supreme Court doesn’t collapse like a house of cards the way Komen did under pressure from Planned Parenthood.