Crazy Uncle Ron: Iranians want to #Occupy Strait of Hormuz

OK, he didn’t say that, exactly, but he did say this today’s interview with Fox New’s Megyn Kelly:

“They’re trying get attention on how the world’s trying to punish them right now and we’re not premitting the dissidents who would like to overthrow their current government to do it because they’re unifying all those people because there’s too foreigners tyring to interfere with theiinternal affairs.”

From my Paulbot Decoder Ring: The U.S. is the 1%. Iran is the 99%

Kelly had asked him what he would do as president if the Iranians blocked the Strait of Hormuz.  Paul laughed and said it would never happen because it wouldn’t be in their best interest. And besides,  it’s “way out of proportion to what they’re able to do.”

Aside from the fact he didn’t answer the question Megyn asked, this exchange demonstrates Paul’s extreme arrogance and his bizarre belief in the ultimate goodness of mankind, trusting that if left alone, they will do the right thing.  All of history proves that belief wrong, of course, but Paul somehow looks at the world through rose-colored happy glasses (except when it comes to the United States).

Another topic of the interview was the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists and the fact that the Iranians are suggesting either the U.S. or Israel took them out. Paul’s responses were disturbing, rambling into conspiracy theories suggesting if Americans are assassinated, the U.S. probably deserves it:

“Well, obviously, if we’re doing it we shouldn’t be doing it. But this is an act of terrorism and we sympathize with them, they’re victims of terrorism and we condemn all terrorism. Obviously, the Iranian government wouldn’t be killing their own scientists, so we should have great empathy for them. If we haven’t done it, we should prove to them or give them all reassurance that we have not done it.

In answer to your questions, if we are doing it, we ought to quit. That wouldn’t make any sense. You know, participating in violent acts, that would be equivalent to terrorism. At the same time, that’s all we talk about, going around the world in the global war on terrorism, so there’d be no consistency there.” [emphasis added]

Kelly asked him about a potential blockade of the Strait of Hormuz:

“Well, it’s a real mess, we should have done a lot less a lot sooner. Everybody knows we have CIA that’s [sic] maneuvering in Iran. We had a drone shot down – maybe 2 drones shot down over Iran. We’re getting ready to put very punishing sanctions on them and disrupting the oil market. And you know, they’re a very weak nation.They’re responding in a natural way. But They don’t want trouble because they know they can be annhialated in about 40 mintues. either by Israel or the United states. This whole idea that they want a fight, I think that is all concotion of the West to prepare the people for a war that is likely to come when we have a policy like this. I think it makes the perfect argument for my non-interventionist foreign policy when we shouldn’t be  engaged and stirring up trouble.
“And all these things we do to try to get rid of the regime in Iran right now actually plays into their hands becasue once we interfere and put on sanctions, this brings the Iranian people together. They’re having elections in a few months and Ahmadinejad is not that strong politically. But when we interfere as outsiders, those who are struggling to get conrol of their government and have a more sensible government, we have to drive them into the arms of the government. Just as we were brought together after 9-11, we were no dissenters, we came together, there were not Republicans and Democrats, So we have to try to understand how our policies actually do the opposite of what we intend them to do.” [emphasis added]
I seriously have no idea what he is rambling about with the “drive them into the arms of the government and the 9-11 reference. No idea. Maybe someone who speaks Paulbot Decoder Ring can translate this into English for me. It seems the battery on mine just died.
What bothers me most about this is that Paul, a  sitting member of Congress, would not categorically deny that we are committing acts of terror against Iranian scientists. If he is really out of the loop and truly doesn’t know,  then he just needs to either refer to the Secretary of State’s denial or shut his pie hole. He is acting as a propagandist for our enemies and putting our troops and American citizens abroad in grave danger.
Someone in the Congress needs to call him out on this immediately.
Oh, and one other thing…
Paul thinks he can win over Obama’s base with his policies, saying “Obama’s base is very very weakened.”

He goes on to say Obama has broken promises on privacy and the wars and he can appeal to them. He’s finally admitted he’s in the Dennis Kucinich wing of the Republican Party.

And also his nose grew 6″ with this whopper:

“I’m the only one that has talked about cutting any spending. Everyone else talks about tinkering around the edges”
He’s so busy with his conspiracy theories and his newsletters that he apparently hasn’t had time to read the other candidates’  economic plans that actually do cut spending.

Someone explain to me why the GOP doesn’t vote him off the island?