Rick Perry Going Big - an Addendum

In the comment thread of my previous diary about the rehabilitation of Rick Perry’s campaign, bzip shared a YouTube video of Perry at Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert in Dallas in August 2010. I think it’s an important addendum to my previous post because it shows a side of Perry those of us in the flyover states have not yet seen:



The first thing I noticed is that though I searched and searched, I could not find a teleprompter. And you can’t teach what Perry did on that stage. While there are a lot of elites in the media and on the left and right coasts who will hate the raw Americanism of that presentation, it will resonate with millions of patriotic Americans – the Tea Party, the troops, the veterans, the seniors.  The stark contrast to Obama’s whining, milquetoast, meh-America attitude makes Obama look like a weak, silly schoolgirl in comparison. If this Rick Perry shows up on the stump and he can become disciplined in the debates, he will be a contender.

Moreover, I think he has a better chance of beating Obama than Romney does, simply because he is naturally charismatic and his policies are bold and visionary. Romney is nice and decent and his policies will tinker around the edges and take the country in for its regular 4-year tune-up. The country wasn’t in the mood for that in 2008 and with the current crises in the world, we’re certainly not in the mood for tinkering now.


[Disclaimer #1: I have not yet settled on a candidate, though I have ruled out Romney, Paul, Huntsman, Johnson, and Cain]

[Disclaimer #2: I will vote for any one of the above-named candidates vs. Obama]


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