Pawlenty flipped faster than Romney flopped

Megyn Kelly just interviewed Tim Pawlenty on Fox News on his change of heart over Mitt Romney. She played clips and read quotes of T-Paw criticizing Romney on “Obamneycare” and nominating liberal judges. Here’s what Pawlenty said on Romney’s healthcare debacle in MA:

‎”Governor Romney has told me directly, as he has told the country, that his first order of business as president will be to repeal Obamacare including on the very first day in office granting waivers to states to opt out. So I’m absolutely convinced and assured that he will do everything and in fact repeal Obamacare so I’m comfortable with his position on that.”

Oh…OK….the Governor told him directly.   That changes everything. Where do I get my Romney yard sign?

On the issue of Romney appointing liberal judges to the bench:

“Mitt has indicated that he will appoint strict constructionists to the bench, people who will apply the law as written as opposed to making it up on the back of a napkin. I trust and believe that will be the case. And as I understand the MA judicial selection system there’s some limited options for who he could pick from to fill some of those slots. But his commitment to appointing strict constructionists gives me reassurance that he’ll certainly do that as president.”

“Mitt has indicated….”   Apparently the magic words for Pawlenty.

Even though Mitt’s words don’t match his record as a governor. And even though Pawlenty’s words today are diametrically opposed to his words two weeks ago.

Finally, it appears that Pawlenty has switched to the more palatable Establishment Tea. No more of that pure Tea Party brew for him:

“[Romney’s] got the most capability, the most knowledge, he’s got the most electability. I think he will make the best president – not just for the Republican party, but for the nation. And he can beat Barack Obama. He’s the one that can unify the Republican base and he can go into those swing states we’re going to need and also get conservative democrats and independents to join the cause as well.”

Pass the Dramamine.