Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI): American Dream for her grandkids includes WIC and Head Start

In a rare moment of overt frankness, Rep. Gwen Moore (Socialist-WI) searched her soul and ended up giving away the Democrats’ end-game plan in her one-minute speech on the House floor Monday. In what was likely intended to be a rant against Tea Party constitutional conservatives who see the cliff we’re driving our grandchildren off, Moore shared the startling, depressing vision she has for her own grandchildren (and likely yours as well):

“So, I wanted to go on record talking about what I want for my grandchildren. I want Head Start for my grandchildren. I want WIC programs and early childhood education programs…I want jobs where they invent things like new energy sources, and yes, I want them to be contributing citizens and pay taxes and I want a safety net for them in case they’re disabled and when they become elderly and when they get cold in the cold winters of Wisconsin that they’ll have some energy assistance. I want my grandchildren to get the American Dream.”

At least give her credit for admitting the truth.  The American Dream for the DemoSocialcrats includes an income of $20,050 (the WI Head Start cut off) to $40,793 (the WI WIC maximum income) for a family of four.

Every single day, when Congresswoman Gwen Moore and others of her ilk get out of bed in the morning, they vow to work tirelessly to fulfill their dream of every child on WIC.  Every child in Head Start. Every child dependent on the government.  This is the best they can hope for in their Utopian Collective.

And then maybe, if the social welfare programs are really, really successful and her grandchildren are really lucky, they can someday aspire to become “contributing citizens and pay taxes.” The irony that being a taxpayer and being dependent on the government are fundamentally incompatible is lost on Ms. Moore.  The absurdity of the American Dream and and WIC in the same paragraph would be laughable if the ideology wasn’t day-by-day, dollar-by-dollar destroying our county.

I hope  the Honorable Congresswoman Moore’s grandchildren (and their parents) have higher ambitions and aspirations for their own lives than the low bar she has set for them. We must not let this ideology win.