Pres. Obama is the Reckless Driver

According to the Los Angeles Times President Obama is still pushing the driving metaphors on his fundraising tour on behalf of Congressional Democrats. So what did folks get for their $30,400? Andrew Malcolm reports on the President’s stop in Tinsel Town http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2010/08/obama-democrat-findraiser-in-chief-.html. A snippet:

The president has also fallen into recycling the same jokes — one about his favorite Republican, Abraham Lincoln (see full text below), and another, lifted from the rhetorical repertoire of Iowa Democrat Chet Culver, about American drivers knowing that to go forward they put their car in D and to go backwards they put the vehicle in R. (Groans.)

Before his next vacation, Obama is on a three-day, five-state tour of fundraisers — Wisconsin to California to Washington to Florida to Ohio. Next to the size of the administration’s deficits, of course, the millions in donations are minuscule. But they will help the ad wars in battleground districts. More importantly, all of Obama’s travels cost him nothing, except a 747’s massive transcontinental carbon footprint.

The simple truth is that President Obama is attempting to drive our country not into a “ditch”, but over a cliff and he wants Americans to play Louise to his Thelma(or is it the other way around?) and clasp his hand as he punches the gas.

A primer on the President’s plans for our country:

A $1.47 trillion 2010 budget deficit. The President’s budget calls for doubling the national debt to $18 trillion by 2020, which will mean paying $2.5 billion a day on interest alone.

The President promised his $862 billion “stimulus” bill would keep unemployment below 8%. After reaching a high of 10.2%, it has settled at 9.5%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) there are 14.6 million Americans that want to work but can’t find a job. To put that number in perspective, 14.6 million exceeds the combined populations of the six New England states (ME,NH,VT,MA,CT,RI) by 170,280. Adding insult to injury, the stimulus which amounted to little more than a bailout for government employees and pork projects couldn’t even provide full employment for the public sector. Congress needed to pass another $26.1 billion bailout to keep their union supporters fat and happy.

The President’s own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) estimates that Obamacare will run a $311 billion dollar deficit in its first 10 years, not the surplus the president promised. Also:

14 million Americans will lose their current employer provided health insurance.

18 million Americans will pay $33 billion in penalties due to the “individual mandate” and still lack health insurance.

Businesses will pay $87 billion in penalties, which is money they could be using to hire workers.

7.4 million seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage coverage.

The drastic cuts to Medicare in Obamacare will make 15% of Medicare providers unprofitable “jeopardizing access to care for beneficiaries”.

Letting the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts expire will mean one of the largest tax increases in American history, including onerous tax increases on small business which typically creates 2 out of 3 jobs in a recovery.

By supporting the Ground Zero Mosque President Obama is handing Al Qaeda its biggest propoganda victory since 9/11. To radical jihadists the 13 story, $100 million Cordoba House will be seen as a victory for Islam and a great recruiting tool in Al Qaeda’s war against the West. The Islamists don’t care about American rights to freedom of religion or private property, to them it will be a mosque going up on the site of their greatest victory.

Finally, for the second month in a row China has been a net seller of T-Bills. The Chinese know that the fiscal path President Obama has us on is “unsustainable” and they aren’t as willing to lend us the money to continue spending beyond our means. The Federal Reserve gobbling up all the extra T-Bills is the only thing keeping interest rates from going up. How long do you think the Fed can keep it up?

Mr. President, cars come with reverse(R) for a reason. The voters need to slam the brakes on your agenda and back away from the cliff on November 2, 2010. America is too great a country to end as a pile of burning wreckage.

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