From "Hope" to "It Could Be Worse", Yes He Did

Congressional Democrats are undoubtedly walking around with a newfound swagger today. The political strategists in the White House have finally settled on the message to save their House and Senate majorities: “It could be worse”. First they invented the nigh impossible to verify or refute metric of jobs “created or saved” and now this. They deserve every taxpayer penny they get paid. Republicans simply can’t match the Wile E Coyote caliber intellects of Axelrod, Gibbs and the rest of the White House message machine. Just look at how easily any Republican argument can be dismissed:

1)Unemployment is 9.5%, under-employment tops 20%- “It could be worse”

2)The budget deficit is $1.47 trillion- “It could be worse”

3)4 out of 5 jobs “created or saved” by the $862 billion stimulus were government jobs, leaving a private sector jobs deficit of 7 million- “It could be worse”

4)The $862 billion borrowed to pay for the stimulus that didn’t stimulate won’t be paid back until the year 2130- “It could be worse”

5)Our national debt will top $18.5 trillion by 2020- “It could be worse”

6)Taxpayer funded bailouts reach $3.7 trillion- “It could be worse”

7)Small businesses are about to get hammered by massive tax increases- “It could be worse”

8)Over half of Americans will lose their current health insurance due to “health care reform”- “It could be worse”


Forget the concept of the “teflon presidency”, we are witnessing the dawn of the “I’m rubber and you’re glue presidency”. Republicans need to run focus groups of pre-K tots immediately to find a way to counter this brilliance, or risk seeing their dreams of electoral success turn into the nightmare of epic defeat this November.