Barry's Bully-Boys(and girls) In Action

This is right out of the Alinsky playbook. In a story full of outrages the biggest is that the police, who take an oath to serve and protect, stood by and watched as the SEIU mob terrorized a 14 year old boy. This is what happens when you are a political/class enemy in Barack Obama’s America.

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It’s no coincidence that the owner of the home is an executive with Bank of America, which just happens to be the SEIU’s largest creditor.

Under the leadership of Andy Stern, SEIU leveraged itself to the hilt, largely to support Democrat campaign efforts, and now owes the bank around $100 million. The loan payments are likely playing havoc with the union’s finances.

How much money did SEIU give the president? What have they received in return?

Officials say the fast-growing union spent $85 million during the campaign season last year, and that it was well worth it: The Obama administration has appointed union officials to top posts and is backing legislation to make it easier for workers to organize.

“SEIU is on the field, it’s in the White House, it’s in the administration,” SEIU President Andy Stern said in a video to members to mark the Obama administration’s first 100 days.

Next up a bailout for SEIU courtesy of the American taxpayer.