Bailout Barry Strikes Again

F.O.B.’s have returned with a vengeance. President Obama has made sure to take good care of the folks who made his election possible. Well, the big-monied special interests anyway, the American people not so much. When the UAW’s exorbitant contracts drove 2 of the Big 3 automakers into bankruptcy Obama awarded them the keys to GM and Chrysler and billions of taxpayer dollars to prop them up with. Meanwhile the folks in Louisiana and along the Gulf coast are left to watch the oil come in on the tide. Those permits you requested back on May 11th to erect emergency sand berms to keep the oil off your shores? Why the EPA needs to take the proper time to study how they will impact the wildlife. In other words “those are some nice marshes and beaches you have there, it’s a shame you didn’t pony up some cash to save them back in 2008.”.

Another day another example of pay to play from IBD:

A bill making its way through the Senate would bail out union pension funds to the tune of $165 billion. The bill’s author, Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, wants the public to pay for the gold-plated union retirement benefits that the funds have mismanaged into oblivion.

This has to be galling to average working saps who watch as their 401(k)s and IRAs plummet, only to be asked to pony up billions of dollars in subsidies for unionized workers — many of whom get to retire into the lap of unlabored luxury while still in their 50s.

Casey’s bill isn’t the only gift that the White House and Congress have for the unions. Last year, economist and columnist Ben Stein estimated that as much as half of the $862 billion stimulus would go to unions, directly or indirectly. Even that might underestimate organized labor’s take.

And just last week, the White House proposed $23 billion in aid to states for education. For education? Well, in point of fact, increased federal involvement in education has had zero positive effect on test scores.

So this money has nothing to do with “the children” or schooling. It has everything to do with teacher unions, which will see billions in payouts from money ostensibly intended for school kids.

In short: bailouts for the unions; higher taxes and penury for you.

In Obama’s White House the federal treasury is at the disposal of the people cutting the big checks to the Democrats. We’re just the suckers that are supposed to pick up the tab. Whether you call it: statism, crony-capitalism or gangster government it stinks to high heaven.

Remember in November.