Commonwealth of Burma

Everyone is familiar, or should be, by the recent statement of our appointed Senator, Paul Kirk:
“Absolutely,” Kirk said, according to the State House News Service, when asked if he’d vote for the bill even if Brown captures the seat. “It would be my responsibility as United States senator, representing the people and understanding Sen. Kennedy’s agenda and the rest of it.”
Now that the initial outrage has passed, along with the temptation to light out for Utah. It occurs to me that this should be a teachable moment in our history. This election is now no longer just about Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley; it’s about whether or not the will of the people expressed in a free election will be respected.
Simply put, have we become like Burma, where elections that go against the desires of the ruling junta are simply ignored?Governor Patrick installed Paul Kirk because he is a party hack that could be depended on to follow orders. In his mindless obedience to the Democratic machine, Kirk is simply doing what he believes is expected of him. Every dog trainer worth their salt will tell you not to blame the dog, blame the owner, in this case, Governor Patrick.

So Governor Patrick, you have eight days to train Kirk to respect the Democratic process. That should be ample time to teach him to recuse himself from voting for a health care bill that the voters of the Commonwealth don’t support. Make no mistake about it, if the voters of Massachusetts elect Scott Brown to the US Senate next Tuesday it will be because he OPPOSES what the Democrats are trying to do. The voters screaming NO at the top of their lungs must be respected, even by a Senator who owes his seat to a dubious appointment. This Senate seat belongs to the people of Massachusetts, not to Ted Kennedy and certainly not to the Democratic party. The results of this election must be respected, whoever the people of this state decide will serve their interests best.