Dems already plotting strategy in case Martha loses

I have been worried about them doing this for a couple of days now. What’s surprising is that our appointed Senator Kirk would be this open about it this early. Now, it’s not about whether or not Scott can win; it’s that he needs to win big. The outright shamelessness of the Democratic Party in MA and nationally is disgusting.


The first is simple, if controversial: Get it through between the time the polls close and the new senator is sworn in.Sen. Paul Kirk, currently in the seat, told reporters today he would vote for a health care bill even if Massachusetts voters elect Brown.

“Absolutely,” Kirk said, according to the State House News Service, when asked if he’d vote for the bill even if Brown captures the seat. “It would be my responsibility as United States senator, representing the people and understanding Sen. Kennedy’s agenda and the rest of it.”

Any delay in the certification and swearing in of the new senator would provoke a massive partisan battle, but it’s apparently imaginable.