Coakley's Soft Spot: Cap and Trade

We’ve all seen Rasmussen’s numbers, Brown’s winning independents 65-21 and still down to Coakley by 9. Which means that Rasmussen doesn’t see many independents turning out to vote on the 19th. If you’ve made calls for Scott, I can guarantee you the folks who’ve responded ” I haven’t thought about it” when asked if they’ll be supporting Scott are independents. So how do we energize(no pun intended)independents to get out and vote in numbers big enough to carry Scott to victory? My suggestion, Martha Coakley‘s support of cap and trade legislation.

We need the voters’ of MA to know that Martha Coakley wants them to pay more to heat and light their homes, watch the Pats,C’s,B’s and Sox on the big screen and fill their gas tanks.

A sample ad: I’m sure the folks who get paid to do this kind of thing can come up with something much better.

A shot of a furnace as it comes rumbling to life. A sound all too familiar to Baystaters’ this winter. Announcer, “Martha Coakley wants you to pay more to heat your home”.

A shot of a lightbulb going on. Announcer, “Martha Coakley wants you to pay more for electricity”.

A shot of someone pumping gas(it could even be Scott filling up his truck). Announcer, “Martha Coakley wants you to pay more for gas”. Remember, then candidate Obama claimed to be fine with $4 gas. His only complaint is that it happened too quickly.

Then some quick numbers on the screen of the economic impacts of cap and trade(I recommend using those from Heritage).

End with Scott saying something along the lines of ” Until the scientists’ are 100% positive that it will do any good, I don’t think Baystaters’ should pay one penny more than they have too to keep warm this winter”.

I believe that if we get independents’ thinking voting for Coakley is going to cost them money every time the furnace kicks on, they’ll show up at the polls and vote for Scott. Call it a benefit of having the election in the middle of winter.

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