Soros, EPA Tagteam America

George Soros is about to make a mint off his investments in the Democratic party. The benefit of being worth billions is that he could afford to squander millions in his effort to defeat former President Bush in 04 and turn around and spend even more on democrats in 06 and 08. The Obama admistration just made those bets pay off. Big time!

Yesterday EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson declared CO2 a danger to public health that will henceforth be regulated by the Federal government. This decision gives the Federal government complete control over our economy. Ian Murray and Marlo Lewis explain the probable scope of the decision:

“Large apartment buildings and hospitals would need EPA operating permits to continue running their furnaces. Lawnmowers and aircraft alike would be regulated for fuel economy like automobiles. And as the EPA orders a retooling or even closure of the nation’s power plants, electricity prices would skyrocket, and blackouts would become common.”


“It will trigger a regulatory avalanche that vastly expand the number of activities that require EPA permitting — fast-food franchises, apartment buildings and hospitals will soon all have to face the same crushing federal bureaucracy that has bedeviled energy firms for years.”

When Europe went down this road they tried to ban propane grills. Having a backyard barbecue makes one an eco-criminal to the average EU bureaucrat. Seattle WA is trying to ban campfires on the beach because they claim it contributes to global warming. The statists meeting in Copenhagen won’t be happy until they can regulate i.e. control everything we do. The Obama administration chose to ignore the Climategate scandal and its implications because they see the finish line before them. An honest person/administration would have admitted that the leaked e-mails cast the “consensus” of man made global warming into doubt and would not have labled CO2 a health hazard.

The Lisa Jackson’s of the world can’t accept that climate change happens regularly. More importantly, they can’t accept that humans have very little impact on whether the planet warms or grows colder. Admitting this fact would undermine their ability to control our behavior. The American people would never submit to the massive tax increases and energy bills living under this regime would entail if they were told it would have no benefit to the planet and their ability to live on it. Until some archaeologist digs up a fleet of fossil fuel burning vehicles that early man drove across the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska causing the glaciers to melt and the flooding of the Bering Sea; I’ll continue to believe that solar cycles, not man are the main cause behind climate change.

How did Ms. Jackson’s decision benefit Mr. Soros? Simple.He’s betting big on Brazil, in particular Petrobas. “Among investors bullish on Petrobras is George Soros, who last year made the oil company the largest single holding in his investment fund, according to Bloomberg.” While the folks that he helped put in office are putting the American economy in a straight jacket he’s putting his money into country that doesn’t choose to commit economic suicide. For him it’s the best of both worlds. He can live in a country following his progressive dream and still make a fortune in a country that won’t sacrifice economic growth to appease the warmists at the UN.