Platform for Prosperity

The Colorado GOP gets it. They are offering a platform, like Newt did in 94 with the Contract for America. Here are the policy positions that they are asking all Republican candidates to endorse.

Key Points from the Colorado GOP’s ‘Platform for Prosperity’

*Oppose efforts to increase taxes and fees unless they’re put to a popular vote

*Restore a cap on state spending

*Invest in roads, bridges, higher education and workforce training

*Support a law to make health insurance portable from job to job

*Allow patients to purchase health insurance across state lines

*Promote responsible development of Colorado’s energy resources

*Expand charter schools

*Require employers to verify that their workers are in the U.S. legally

*Prohibit state grants for women’s health care to any organization that also provides abortions

*Oppose future stimulus bills

2010 has the potential to be a great year for Republicans. The Democrats will continue to enjoy a huge financial advantage however, which may limit their losses. Having a platform to run on can aid underfunded challengers that lack the ability to pay for mailings or advertising defeat entrenched Democrats. It’s possible, that the first time voters may see the name of the Republican candidate is when they are in the voting booth, but they will know what that Republican stands for.